News: Prepare for the Opening!

by Admin on 2024-02-07

SERVER OPENING IS NEAR - 9th February 2024


Everything you need to know

  1. You can log in into game on 6 PM (server time +7). But can't pass the Training Ground bridge.
  2. On 7 PM (server time +7) Ragnafilian has officially open (you can pass the bridge and start playing).

Changes from close beta to open beta

  • Episode roadmap will be revised.
  • Close beta event reward distribution directly on your inventory, please relog twice.
  • Mob spawn count (field) has increased, dungeon adjusted a bit.
  • Freebies (level 20) has changed : Removing ATK & MATK potion, halving the rest.
  • No healer on certain maps (we will make it available for event-only).
  • Monster database has changed (adjusted for EP 1). Please check our database:
    In conclusion, there's a changes of monster level, hp, exp, drop items, element, and size. We will give A example:
    * Elder Willow, Hunter Fly, Kaho, Frilldora, Rideword, Punk are not aggresive monster.
  • Archer [Double Strafe] and [Arrow Shower] adjusted to EP 1: Requires no arrow.
    This behavior will be removed on around EP 3~5 and returned as we known nowaday (require arrow back).
  • Some item on RagnaPoint Shop are temporary removed.
  • MVP available for EP 1 is just: Baphomet, Doppleganger, Golden Thief Bug, Mistress, Orc Hero, Osiris with no minion.
  • Mini-bosses (Dragon fly, wandering wolf, etc) are non-exist for EP 1.
  • Because MVP on EP 1 is quite easy, we removed RagnaPoints reward from killing MVPs.
  • The memorial dungeon/instance Deep Payon Cave is disabled and scheduled to launch separately from opening. (This feature has to well-introduced).
  • Some features on whitepaper is still on-development.

Events: Close Beta Time!

by Admin on 2024-01-22

Reach at least level 40 during the close-beta period, and you will receive one Baseball Cap Costume on your account when the open-beta starts.
  • The list of winners will be announced in this post.
  • Each account can only receive 1 Baseball Cap Costume.
  • The Baseball Cap Costume is permanent and can be traded.
  • The costume does not provide any effects.


It's time to help us amplify Ragnafilian to the world! One step from you makes a significant impact and contribution!

If you want to help through Facebook:

  • Simply post the following sentence.
Let's play a nostalgic RO together start from EPISODE 1 ~ Ragnafilian is a classic old-school RO private server start from episode one and progressive update along with original content! Come with us to explore the world of 2003 vibe of ragnarok!
- Website:
- Discord:

If you want to help through Instagram:

  • Post a story showcasing the Ragnafilian game.
  • Don't forget to include your character's Nickname during the CBT.
  • Take a screenshot of your story in #general.


  • Reward claimed once per account.
  • Costume Boy's Cap does not provide any effects.
  • Costume is permanent and can NOT be traded.


Now is the time for you to play alongside the game master during the CBT. It is important for us game masters to experience being a player and enhance the comfortable gameplay. How to participate:
  • When the CBT opens, the game master will immediately use a novice character with the nickname ACE.
  • The game master will form a party and invite you to hunt together.
  • Players who participate in the hunting activity with the game master will receive a reward: Poring Bag Costume (30-day rental) during the OBT.

News: Close Beta Day

by Admin on 2024-01-22

Close Beta is here! Let's reminisce together in the adventure of Ragnarok Episode 1 with Ragnafilian! Here is some information about the Close Beta:

  • The Close Beta will take place from January 27, 2024, at 7:00 PM to January 29 at 7:00 AM.
  • You can't dual login on CBT. This related to CBT event (party hunt).
  • All characters will be reset to Novice level 1.
  • All items, stats, and skills will be reset.
  • No deletion on account data. So you don't need to register again.
  • Some mechanic may be changes according to gameplay (example: after CBT we may consider to increase drop rate).

So, there's no need to rush playing the close beta, just relax, enjoy, and build a community together! ^^

Note for players outside Asia :

Currently we only capable of servicing whole Asia connection. If your ping is higher than 150, we recommend to use VPN. Here is our VPN recommendation that might works (free) :